Power loom unit owners seek time for payment of electricity bill

Tamil Nadu Federation of Power Looms Associations have urged the State government to permit them to pay the previous month’s electricity charges in three instalments without fine.

In a letter to Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, federation president L.K.M. Suresh said that due to the pandemic, eight lakh power looms stopped functioning voluntarily to support the government’s efforts to curb the spread of virus. Of the total power looms in the State, two-third of the units were functioning in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Karur, Salem and Namakkal districts. “Only when the government permits looms to function, we will operate”, the letter said and added that due to closure of the units, both owners and workers lost their livelihood in the month of April and May.

The letter said that the government had directed them to pay the electricity charges for April and May by June 15 which is impossible for them. They said that units were not functioning for the past two months and export of fabrics to other places like Delhi and Mumbai also was stopped. Also, power loom unit owners are yet to receive money from the North Indian merchants for the goods already sold, the letter said.

The letter wanted the previous month’s electricity bill to be divided equally into three and the due included in the next three bills.

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