‘Positive patients overcharged for medical services’

Delhi govt. failed to crack down on those profiteering during pandemic: Congress

The Delhi Congress on Monday alleged that the people battling COVID-19 were being asked to pay exorbitant rates for services like ambulances, oxygen and hospital beds and the government was failing to crackdown on those profiteering during the pandemic.

Delhi Congress chief Ch. Anil Kumar alleged that when people were dying in thousands for lack of timely medical attention, private hospitals were either denying admission to serious patients or charging exorbitant rates for a hospital bed. He added that ambulance service providers were also charging mind-boggling amounts for transporting patients, that to after taking advance payments.

“The black marketing of COVID medicines, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds and the exorbitant rates charged by labs for RT-PCR tests were being done and people are cashing in on the misery of the people,” Mr. Kumar said.

He added that those who have died due to the virus are not getting proper final rites as at many cremation grounds, dead bodies are stacked on a single platform to give a mass cremation due to the unprecedented rush of the dead bodies and shortage space for individual cremation.

‘Take urgent steps’

He called for urgent steps to be taken to ensure that such profiteering during the pandemic is stopped at the earliest.

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