Poor upkeep of roads around Gandhi Market poses hardship to motorists

The poor condition of roads around Gandhi Market is posing hardship to motorists.

The centrally located market is extremely busy even during nights as wholesale trading takes place mainly after dusk. Moreover, lorries and trucks transporting vegetables, fruits and flowers from different parts of the country unload their consignments during the late hours. With the arrival of many heavy vehicles and operation of a number of buses, cars and two-wheelers, the roads around the market face enormous pressure. They are extensively used round the clock.

But their poor upkeep has made driving unpleasant for two-wheeler riders and heavy vehicle drivers. Barring the stretch between Marakkadai and Gandhi Market, all other roads are riddled with potholes, making the task tough for motorists.

Considering the extensive use of the roads, Tiruchi Corporation laid concrete road a few years ago for about 50 metres along the northern side of Gandhi Market, where wholesale and retail fruits commission stalls are located. The stretch that served the purpose well in the initial stage has developed deep potholes at several places.

City buses bound for Tiruverumbur and Thuvakudi have to go via the stretch before joining Thanjavur road. A large number of load carriers use it extensively to offload fruits. The poor condition forces drivers to negotiate the concrete road carefully, hindering the smooth movement of vehicles, and often causes traffic snarls.

The fish market road behind Gandhi Market is in a worser condition than the other three roads around the market. During rainy days, the road looks like a field that is being readied for paddy transplantation. The top surface of the road has been eroded completely.

“It is difficult to drive on uneven road and the bad condition of these roads has not changed for over three years,” says M. Sabbi, a trader.

The traders say they brought the situation to the attention of Corporation officials on several occasions, but the issue has not been sorted out. Special attention must be given to repair and maintenance of the roads around Gandhi Market as they are extensively used.

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