‘Political vendetta’: Mamata Banerjee hits out at NHRC for ‘leaking’ report over post-poll Bengal violence

Banerjee accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "slandering Bengal by misusing central agencies and running a political vendetta." "He is unable to accept his loss," she said.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday lashed out at the National Human Rights Commission after its committee, probing alleged incidents of post-poll violence in the state, accused the state government of showing “appalling apathy” towards the victims of the post-poll violence.

Banerjee accused the committee of leaking its probe report to media before submitting it to the Calcutta High Court and called the move a “political vendetta.” “They should respect the court. If it is not a political vendetta, how can they leak the report? They are maligning people of Bengal,” Banerjee was quoted as saying by ANI.

The NHRC panel has recommended a CBI inquiry into “grievous offences like murder and rape,” in its report to the Calcutta High Court.

“Situation in Bengal a manifestation of ‘law of ruler’ instead of ‘rule of law’,” the report said. It added that the “spatio-temporal expanse of violent incidents in Bengal reflect appalling apathy of state government towards plight of victims.”

Banerjee said that her government will file a response when the court asks them to. She went on to accuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “slandering Bengal by misusing central agencies and running a political vendetta.” “He is unable to accept his loss,” she said.

The NHRC committee constituted by its chairperson had submitted a brief report before the High Court on cases of alleged human rights violations in post-poll violence on June 13. The investigating team had faced heckling and reportedly threats of violence in Jadavpur last month.

The chief minister also hit out at the situation of law and order in Uttar Pradesh. “PM Modi knows very well that there is no rule of law in UP. How many human rights commission has he sent there?…So many incidents, from Hathras to Unnao, have taken place,” she said. She maintained that the central agency is maligning Bengal and said that the violence took place pre-poll when the law and order was under the Election Commission.

She also accused the central government of being unfair in its distribution of the Covid vaccines. “We need 14 crore vaccine doses but we are not receiving vaccines adequately. We have received only 2.12 crore vaccines. We have bought 18 lakh vaccines ourselves. Some states are receiving more vaccines, some are not receiving at all,” she was quoted as saying by ANI.

According to PTI, she will seek an appointment with the Prime Minister and President in a visit to Delhi soon.

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