Police settle 2,757 complaints of domestic violence

The police have received 2,868 complaints of domestic violence from the start of the lockdown till October 31. Of these, 2,757 were settled.

In the remaining cases, State Police Chief Loknath Behera directed the Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) and Superintendent of Police of the women’s cell to find amicable solutions, a statement from the police said here on Tuesday.

Mr. Behera heard many complaints and directed solutions at an online adalat organised by the district-level domestic conflict resolution centres.

Registering FIRs on the basis of complaints, investigating them, and submitting chargesheets in court are time-consuming processes. Under the new mechanism, interactions are held directly with the complainants and the opposite parties to find solutions through counselling and other means.

This is also comfortable not only for the police but also for the parties involved.

The diligence shown by the police in finding solutions to the complaints was behind the success of the initiative, the statement said.

Nearly 20 women presented their complaints in front of Mr. Behera at the online adalat. The District Police Chiefs were asked to follow-up on the cases.

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