Plea to start off-campus centres in the Gulf

State Govt. issues NOC to MG varsity

The Calicut University authorities have been urged to resume offshore campuses in the Gulf countries against the backdrop of the State Government issuing a no-objection certificate to the Mahatma Gandhi University to start such centres in Qatar with the permission of the University Grants Commission.

P. Rasheed Ahammed, Syndicate member, in a letter to the Vice-Chancellor said that the university had operated offshore centres in the Gulf countries.

Completing education

They were highly helpful for the youth from Malabar who migrated to these countries due to financial issues before completing their formal education.


These centres helped them earn degrees without relocating to Kerala. However, they were closed down reportedly after a petition filed by Godwin Samraj, Principal, Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode.

Mr. Ahammed urged the university to approach the government seeking an NoC.

Reopening the closed centres or starting new campuses afresh should be looked into, he said.

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