Pawan Kalyan new strategy for 2024 Elections

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is taking into consideration the developments that happened when his elder brother Chiranjeevi founded the Praja Rajyam Party, the rules followed for contesting elections, etc. Tickets were given to those who had joined the party only for seats then and there, rather than those who had accompanied them during the Praja Rajyam period. In 2009 elections, Praja Rajyam won 18 seats.

Pawan Kalyan feels that the Jana Sena should be formed differently from Praja Rajyam. He is thinking of giving tickets in the upcoming elections to those who believed in him and followed him from the beginning of the election. The alliance with the Telugu Desam Party almost finalized, some are also planning to try their luck on behalf of the Jana sena. Jana Sena has no candidates in all the constituencies across the state. Jana Sena has decided to contest where it has strong candidates and where its party is strong.

Pawan Kalyan is expected to announce only after the official announcement regarding the alliance with the Telugu Desam Party. How many seats will TDP chief Chandrababu give to Pawan Kalyan? It is expected to come to the clarity on all these matters. People who join the party in the middle for tickets will not stand for the party until the end; the Jana Sena leaders suggest Pawan to take a decision keeping this matter in mind.

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