Pawan Kalyan made wrong choices, analyses Kona

Writer Kona Venkat stirred up a controversy during the Andhra Pradesh elections by allegedly speaking against Pawan Kalyan. Later he issued a clarification that he never made comments against the Jana Sena chief but it was too late as he faced the wrath of PK fans. Keeping his friendshipwith Pawan aside, Kona supported YSRCP in the elections and then remained silent.

After a while, Kona Venkat once again came to the limelight and expressed his views on Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena Party’s chances of winning the elections. Kona analysed that Pawan made couple of mistakes in the elections and it will cost him big time. The mistakes listed out by Kona are, alliance with Mayawati and the second is making wild allegations on settlers in Hyderabad and the last is TRS and YSRCP friendship.

According to Kona, Andhra Pradesh people did not like Pawan going for a pact with Mayawati as the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief was involved in multi crore scam and the Supreme Court of India gave its verdict against Mayawati. “BSP has no presence in AP. Take the case of my constituency, as part of poll pact in Baptla, BSP’s candidate contested the seat. He will not even get two thousands votes and will certainly lose deposit,” said Kona.

Then the writer said Pawan Kalyan was misguided by people surrounding him on Hyderabad issue. “Where and when attacks on Andhra people happened in Hyderabad?” questioned Kona and added Pawan was misled and then he commented about TRS and YSRCP friendship. TRS has no role in Andhra elections.

Yet Kona credited Jana Sena for bringing in a new trend by not wooing voters with money and liquor. These observations by Kona look practical and we have to see how PK fans will react this time. 

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