Opposition leaders spread false news about farm laws: Kushboo

‘If they read the laws in detail, they will know they favoured farmers’

Opposition parties spread false news about the three agricultural laws and instigate farmers to protest against them, said claimed Bharatiya Janata Party functionary and actor Kushboo Sundar in Madurai on Monday.

Campaigning in favour of the three laws, she told journalists, “If the opposition leaders read the laws in detail, they will know that they are in favour of the farmers. Only farmers from Punjab and Haryana were protesting against the laws. Their counterparts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and north-eastern states have not protested as they knew that these laws will benefit them,” she said.

Though massive farmers’ protests were staged in 2018, the BJP won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “It was because the people were confident that the BJP government will work for their benefit,” she said.

When asked if she would contest the upcoming Assembly elections, she replied that she would abide by the party leaders’ decision. The people had no complaints against the ruling AIADMK, she said. On actor Rajinikanth’s proposed political party, she said that any comment could be made only after he makes an announcement (on party launch) on December 31.

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