On day 2, Dharani portal operation satisfactory

Software now accommodates 5,000 users simultaneously

Registration and mutation of agricultural lands online through Dharani, the integrated land record management systems portal, were by and large satisfactory on the second day on Tuesday.

The portal witnessed teething troubles on Monday, the opening day of the portal, with a spree of complaints on slow internet speed and problems in other operational areas which led to difficulties in opening of the portal to facilitate online registrations. The Information Technology department officials who registered the complaints focused on redress of these complaints and took steps to ensure that they did not recur.

One of the main issues encountered on the first day was connectivity in the wake of huge traffic. “We have accordingly altered the configuration to accommodate more users to login simultaneously and the problem has been overcome easily,” a senior official told The Hindu.

According to him, alterations made to the configuration will enable 5,000 users to login simultaneously and thus, there will not be any hiccups in operating the portal. There were no reports of delays or technical glitches from any part of the State as problems relating to reverse endorsement and signature by the MRO concerned had also been redressed satisfactorily.

There were also issues faced relating to multiple users in single transaction. “There are no problems as far as single users are concerned. But problems were reported in case where a land owner intended to sell his land to more than one buyer. We have focused on that aspect too and it is now possible to conduct registration of properties in the name of multiple buyers,” the official said.

IT department officials are confident that after the changes made in the configuration of Dharani portal, the system will be streamlined and stabilized in a day or two thereby allowing seamless transactions in the coming days.

On the connectivity side, officials explained that adequate care had been taken to ensure that there was no breakdown in connectivity at any point of time. All the mandals have been given the option of secondary internet broadband connection and infrastructure has been set up to equip these offices with broadband of 12 mbps connectivity through the State Wide Area Network.

“This secondary connection from local operators has been allowed to avoid downtime/failure in connectivity while operating Dharani portal,” the official said adding it would be available 24X7 for conducting the operations. In addition to provide required manpower for operating these systems, the government had also communicated that the mandal offices where secondary broadband connectivity is being utilized will be reimbursed upto ₹2,000 per connection per month.

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