Omicron: Manipur imposes curbs on new year celebrations

Music concerts, folk dance of Thabal Chongba, celebratory feasts and large gatherings banned.

In a move to curb Omicron cases in Manipur, an order was issued on Wednesday regarding the implementation and compliance of guidelines to be followed during the year end.

The order issued by Manipur Chief Secretary, Rajesh Kumar, who is also the chairman of the State Disaster Management Authority, came into force immediately.

Official reports said that so far two persons had been infected by Omicron in the State.

All kind of music concerts which are popular at the year end and new year celebrations have been restricted. The folk dance of Thabal Chongba is also not allowed. Celebratory feasts and large gatherings in enclosed areas and indoor halls are to be avoided, according to the order.

Night curfew will remain in force from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. till January 31, 2022. All district magistrates have been instructed to enforce the guidelines strictly. Wearing of face mask is a must and violators will be punished.

Meanwhile, police have been rounding up those who flout the guidelines. Officials say that so far over ₹2.63 crore has been collected from violators.

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