Omicron effects on Rakul's dreams

Star heroine Rakul Preet Singh has been known to not have much success in recent times. After the Spider movie flop, they offers for Rakul in Telugu star hero movies have decreased. Rakul starred in Kondapolam last year and the film did not do as well as expected at the box office. Luck must also be present no matter how wonderfully you act if you want success in the film industry. Films starring Rakul, who has been busy with Bollywood projects in a row since last year, are all set to release this year.

Announcements for the release dates of the films Thank God, Attack, Runway 34, and Dr. Zee have also been released. If these films were released, Rakul’s name would have changed in the Bollywood industry. But no one expected Omikran to hit Rakul’s career. Dede Pyar De movie released in Bollywood in the year 2019 has brought a good name to Rakul.

Rakul wants to limit himself to the Bollywood industry if films starring in Bollywood are to be successful. However, the growing number of cases has become a speed breaker for Rakul’s career. Rakul made interesting remarks in response to the current situation in the North. Rakul said there is a chance that the Corona impact will fall heavily on the industry. She believes that most families depend on the film industry for their livelihood.

Rakul comments that many people are looking forward to investing in movies. Rakul said he could do nothing but pray that safe essence would return to the country. Rakul commented that people should wear masks as well as observe physical distance. It seems likely that normal will prevail in the country by the end of February. It remains to be seen atleast if this year will coincide with Rakul.

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