Officials visit Doddakallasandra lake

They went there to address the concerns of residents

BBMP officials visited Doddakallasandra lake, which is currently being restored, after residents and members of the lake protection committee raised concerns over extension of a sewerage diversion beyond the rajakaluve intersection.

In a release, Doddakallasandra Lake Protection Committee (DLPC) said they felt the channel had been extended without any valid reason other than to collect sewage from a residential apartment.

“This will prove to be a stumbling block for collecting rainwater for the lake from adjoining areas. During the rainy season, because of the natural slope towards the lake, a large quantity of rainwater runs through drains from localities towards the lake. There are three roads that touch the lake, and have a huge potential for collecting rain water,” they stated in the release.

Committee members added that the BBMP chief engineer, who visited the site, agreed to work out a design to collect rainwater, and share the design for review.

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