NRIs Getting Numerous Calls From Panicked Families In India

With the rise in a number of Coronavirus positive cases in all the countries, Indian families are very much worried about their relatives and children in countries abroad. The panic among them doubled when Telangana CM KCR mentioned about army deployed in the streets of cities in the USA and few media channels reported that more than half of the US population are infected.

A lot of NRIs had received calls from much-worried parents and relatives in India asking about the situation overseas and learned that it is locked down and under control measures, but not as severe as Telugu media houses are reporting it to be. The army is deployed in few states only to provide the essentials, medical supplies and to arrange the hospitals for the infected.

Even the NRIs are concerned about their families in India as the videos of police handling the citizens with lathis emerge on social media and news channels. Well, if the news sources enjoy reporting the actual facts and numbers along with their much-wanted sensationalism, that would suffice the interested parties even in this global crisis.

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