Notices issued to Telangana BJP MLA again! Why?

Goshamahal  BJP MLA Raja Singh had spent 76 days in jail  last year after Telangana police invoked Preventive Detention Act – PDA against him for his repeated offences stoking communal tensions in the city.  On Thursday, the police sent a notice to Telangana MLA and suspended BJP leader T Raja Singh over alleged objectionable remarks he made last year against a religious community.

Last year Telangana BJP MLA made controversial comments on Ajmer Dargah. To this extent, a case has been registered against Raja Singh at the Kanchan Bhag Police Station. After that the case was transferred from Kanchan Bhag to Mangal Hat Police Station. In this context, the Mangalhat police have issued notices under 41A CRPC. 

Meanwhile, Karuna Sagar, the lawyer of BJP MLA Raja Singh, responded to these notices.  The lawyer    said, “We will respond to the notices given by the police. What about giving notices now for comments made a year ago?” The  lawyer Karuna Sagar added, “What have you done for so many days?”  Karuna Sagar said that we respect the court and the law.

Since 2004, 101 cases have been registered against Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh. It is noteworthy that 18 cases were only religious criticisms and  the controversial comments. A PD Act has already been registered against Raja Singh. This is the first time in history of Telugu states that a PD act has been registered against MLA.


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