Nothing Phone (1):  #DearNothing, #BoycottNothing are trending!  South India people are unhappy

Nothing has launched the Nothing phone (1) and the wait for the first Nothing smartphone is finally over. A few hours of it’s launch, #DearNothing was seen trending on Twitter. According to reports, the hashtag #DearNothing started trending after a Youtuber named Prasad, posted a video on his channel and claimed that the London based mobile company has not send Nothing (1) phone to South Indian youtubers for  review.

Prasadtechintelugu: #DearNothing We have 5 states in South India Our people love to watch Content in their respective languages.

Arun Kumar: #DearNothing Telugu,Tamil,kanada, Malayalam these four language people can buy nothing phone but not now….

Shivavsai: #DearNothing We have 5 states in south india our people love to watch content in their respective languages and oneday you will know that the power of south Indians and we have only One india don’t we have four or five India’s all are equal don’t bring inequality between us

Hari: #DearNothing Don’t underestimate the power of South [email protected] @buildingnothing South Indians #BoycottNothing #BoycottNothing

Mumeendra: Nothing phone is Nothing for us , Shame on you Nothing Phone #DearNothing #BoycottNothing #BOYCOTTNOTHINGPRODUCTS #boycottNothingphone

Jana: #DearNothing Treat all languages equally .Don’t show racism. #BoycottNothing

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