Niloufer junior docs point out deficiencies in medical, human resources

Threaten strike if issues are not addressed in three days

Junior doctors at Niloufer Hospital have alleged deficiencies in the medical and human resources at the health facility. The post-graduate students (junior doctors) have threatened to boycott duties in Isolation Block of the hospital if necessary equipment is not provided, and if required work force is not recruited in the next three days.

They said that patients’ attendants might vent out their ire about lack of the resources on the junior doctors. The hospital’s management said that they are trying to address issues with the medical infrastructure, and that the available workforce will be streamlined. The junior doctors have represented the issues to the government hospital’s superintendent Dr V Murali Krishna on Monday.

Niloufer Hospital is prominent as a health facility for children. People from across the State admit their children at the hospital. They have said that that there are around 200 beds in the Isolation Block of the hospital where children with respiratory issues, or COVID suspects are admitted.

“Vitals i.e., heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, have to be checked of all the children. Monitors are needed for this purpose since it is not practical to manually check the vitals of each patient under such workload. However, there are only two functional monitors for 200 beds in the Isolation block. Other monitors are dysfunctional which the management was informed about,” said Dr A Aditya, a junior doctor at the Niloufer Hospital.

He added that there is a need for suction system (used before intubation), blood vacutainers, and other equipment used with mechanical ventilators. They have also said that required number of ward boys, patient care providers, sanitation staff, ayammas, security personnel. While 250 ward boys are needed, around 170 are allotted on paper and around 130 report to duties. The hospital’s superintendent Dr Murali Krishna said that the issue with monitors will be addressed or the equipment will be replaced. He said that suction system are available. “We have discussed method of streamlining the available workforce,” said the superintendent.

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