Newspaper to highlight issues of labourers

Bevaru will be a bi-monthly publication

In an effort to mainstream issues and perspectives on labourers, particularly the female workforce in the city, Bevaru, a newspaper, was launched on Sunday. It will record the experiences and struggles of workers.

The newspaper will be available bi-monthly in Kannada, Hindi, and English, and will also be circulated on Whatsapp. Articles will been collected through research conducted with various worker unions in the city.

The newspaper is the brainchild of ‘Maraa’, which has participated in various struggles of the working class and movements across the country.

“The fight for wages is for dignity and respect for the working class. They face verbal abuse and insult from their employers, police and the general public. Hence, they are constantly filled with fear,” said a press release. ‘Bevaru’ is an effort to walk with the workers, in their everyday battles and contribute in whatever way possible to highlight their struggles.

The publication was launched with support from Project 560 under the India Foundation for the Arts.

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