NEP is pro-rich: AIDSO

All India Democratic Students Organisation has strongly condemned the National Education Policy (NEP) introduced by the Centre, saying it was pro-rich and aimed at growing Right Wing tendencies among students.

“The spirit of the policy is unscientific, anti-secular and anti-democratic. It has enabled State governments to change textbooks indiscriminately. It allows the government to introduce communal elements in history books. We will oppose it strongly,” said Mahantesh Bilur, AIDSO coordinator.

The State government has set up a committee to delete a particular portion from textbooks. “This is focused only on deletion of a chapter on emergence of new religions. This is highly condemnable. The ruling BJP feels that the chapter hints that new religions were formed by reformers who found faults with Hinduism. That is a very regressive attitude. We have condemned this publicly. We demand that the government withdraw the committee at once, or else, we will organise Statewide protests,” he said in a release.

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