Musical stairs at Kochi metro station

Kochi metro’s MG Road station is set to host the State’s first musical stairs (piano stairs) which will be inaugurated on Wednesday by singer Arya Dayal, says a release.

Such staircases are seen in some European countries where people dance on those stairs to produce music. One can even compose new music on the staircase which are painted in such a manner that all the notes/keys are seen.

And if you know how to play a piano or a keyboard, you can use your leg and feet than the fingers in creating music. In addition, climbing the staircase up and down is a physical activity recommended by doctors and fitness experts.

The musical staircase was readied by using various computer programmes, by a group of young engineers comprising Jishnu, Akhil, Smruthi, Anand and Hena from Triaxia Infotech Pvt Ltd. Sumi Nadarajan, Senior Deputy General Manager of Kochi Metro Rail Limited, coordinated the work.

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