Motorists fume and squirm on this bumpy, dusty stretch

Stretch between Bahupeta and Odyaram villages gives motorists a horrible time

It is not the early morning fog that is forcing motorists to switch on their headlights. But a heavy blanket of dust emanating from the stretch between Bahupeta and Odyaram villages on the Karimnagar-Sircilla road.

For the past year, motorists have been suffering a lot because of the awful condition, caused by the road widening taken up in August 2018. It is akin to driving through a desert with heavy dust flying. Besides, it has hit the numerous eateries and hotels along the road.

Potholes and dumps

On the outskirts of Karimnagar, the stretch had also turned into a granite cluster zone with the mushrooming of granite polishing units and their ancillaries. Potholes are ubiquitous, aided by huge quantities of gravel dumped by the agency entrusted with the four-laning works, making driving a hellish experience.

The four-laning was to ease congestion on the existing two-lane, busy road to benefit the granite industry and tourists and pilgrims visiting the Vemulawada temple, by the State government. Accordingly, it had allocated ₹ 88 crore and the then Minister for IT and Municipal Administration K. Taraka Rama Rao laid the foundation stone on August 15, 2018, with much fanfare.

Though the work started off well, the contractor had stopped midway citing non-release of payment by the government. By then he had taken up marking of the lanes, construction of culverts, road levelling etc. Result? Uumpteen problems to the road users and villagers residing along the road.

Where’s the road?

“Literally, there is no road visible for motorists on this stretch. It is all mud and potholes with heavy dust in the air,” complained Prakash Holla, a regular visitor on this stretch. A granite quarry owner said travelling on this stretch was causing problems to their vehicles necessitating frequent repairs.

Shopkeepers too are an affected lot with few or no customers. “People are wary of visiting our hotels and eateries,” complained a hotelier.

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