Motorbikes with altered silencers seized

They were scaring the wits of other road users

In a drive against two-wheelers that were making a din with altered silencers, Madurai city police seized 128 such motorbikes in the last five days.

A statement said based on the instructions of Commissioner of Police Prem Anand Sinha, the city traffic police conducted special vehicle check in which 128 motorbikes were seized. The loud noise made due to alteration of the silencers were scaring the wits of other road users, especially women, elderly people and children. It would also lead to accidents, the statement said.

After booking cases, the vehicles were released to the owners only on production of the original documents. The owners were asked to set right the silencers to their original parameter so that they did not make the strange noise again. Only upon verification, the original documents were handed over to the owners.

The Commissioner warned that vehicles of those violating the Motor Vehicle Rules and effecting changes in the silencers would be seized. The police plan to take stringent action against workshops and dealers who helped in altering the silencers.

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