More extra danger in America, warns Mrs. Mathrubootham

Daughter-in-law is giving Mathrubootham non-stop tofu pizza and broccoli pasta and Big Mac or Jack or something

Dear madam,

Too much work I have done this week, nonstop cleaning and cooking not to mention all extra work for housing colony. Just now, madam, in addition to Kitchen Garden Association, Building Society and Ladies Club, I have started one number Reading Club in Mrs. Shankaramenon’s garage. No place in mine, I have explained. Too much storage saamaan is being kept there.

Books are very good, madam, very important. So only I thought why not do this one more social service? We have organised many books like Alistair MacLean, Ludlum, Erle Stanley Gardner on the shelves, also some Chetan Bhagat for the youth. It seems he is writing about IIT days and marrying one Tamil woman, which is making him very popular.

Always active

I told ladies to bring one chair each from their houses and put it there. I don’t know why Mrs. Shankaramenon is complaining nachu-nachu all the time — I have told her only to put table fan and organise some light tiffin once a month. No point colouring hair and pretending to be young-young if everything is making you feel tired, no madam? So only I am telling her, be active. Automatically you will feel strong.

Everyone is asking how you are managing, Mrs. Mathrubootham? So much you are doing for housing colony. Take some rest, they are telling. In fact, yesterday only three–four ladies are visiting. Mrs. Mathrubootham, you must not over-work. We will manage. You go on holiday. Long holiday. We can buy ticket for you.

But what to do madam? My son is saying that Himalaya cave is house-full. No chance till December-January. So only I am putting extra time into social work.

Anyway, next week onwards Mathrubootham is coming home which means more work only. That man will be wanting bajji for tiffin and erisseri for lunch and manga pachadi for dinner, and what not, Guruvayurappa, no time to breathe also.

More extra danger now madam because America daughter-in-law is giving him non-stop tofu pizza and broccoli pasta and Big Mac or Jack or something, which and all he is not able to tolerate, but how to tell her. So bravely he is smiling-smiling but inside stomach is hollow, not even one glass rose milk available there it seems.

Variety food

On phone, he is asking in weak voice, Kamalam, what you made for lunch yesterday? I informed about the raw papaya thoran and brinjal sambhar and few appalams. Of course little puli inji also. I am telling you madam, I am sure I heard one choking sound on other side of line.

I cannot confirm because my son is taking the phone. What happened, I asked. Nothing amma, he said, we are getting ready to go for dinner to Tex Mex joint and appa has gone to get ready. America very good for variety food.

But nothing to beat our variety rice I am thinking. But I am not speaking. You please tell me, whether America can make brinjal rice and tomato rice and jeera rice and curd rice and lemon rice and bisibelebaath? This is not even tip of iceberg, just tiny morsel of tip of iceberg. Variety it seems.

Anyway I am sorry madam, I cannot waste more time writing to you. You are very kind to publish and all but you are thinking working for paper fulltime job. No chance. Working in house is fulltime job, how you will know that. Now I am going to go and clean Mathrubootham’s cupboard. Since 3–4 years he is collecting many ugly short-sleeved kurtas in garish colours. I am giving all to old-age illam. They will enjoy.

Yours fashionably,

Mrs. Mathrubootham

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