Modi govt has delivered only misgovernance: CPI

Recent Assembly elections clearly indicate the beginning of their fall, says D. Raja

The Narendra Modi government started out with the promise of “minimum government and maximum governance” but has only delivered “misgovernance”, CPI general secretary D. Raja said on the seventh anniversary of the BJP government.

Slamming the government’s handling of the pandemic, “failed” vaccination drive and crushing dissent of all forms, he said, “They claimed that they will bring a new era – ache din of minimum government and maximum governance and all we have got is misgovernance.”

Referring to the ‘India shining’slogan of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, he said, “When thousands farmers were committing suicide they [Vajpayee government] ran the “Indian Shining” campaign. They got a fitting reply in the elections. The Narendra Modi government is doing just the same.”

The recent Assembly elections clearly indicated the beginning of their fall. “They spoke of Modi magic and saw what happened in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. People can see through them,” he noted.

Instead of being a step ahead in procuring vaccines, the government dragged its feet and now India had the lowest rate of vaccination in the world. “It has been a colossal failure,” he alleged.

‘Black day’

It was telling, he said, that on the day the government celebrated its seven years in power, the country’s farmers were observing a black day. “For six months, farmers have been on the streets, asking the government to listen to them. But the government has been arrogant and obdurate. They are insensitive towards farmers, because they live under the false assumption that farmers can do nothing,” he stated.

The CPI on Wednesday observed a protest in solidarity with the protesting farmers at their office in Delhi and other parts of the country.

It was not only misgovernance, the government was also propagating authoritarian fascism and could not handle any criticism, he said, citing the recent cases of sedition. This government believed that no one should question them. “In the last seven years, we have seen them systematically dismantle the secular and welfare state values of our Constitution. And are not upholding any constitutional obligations,” he added.

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