Missing baby: intervention of child rights panel sought

Anupama expresses mistrust in KSCCW, which has been asked to bring child back

Expressing mistrust in the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCW), Anupama S. Chandran, who has alleged that her child was given up for adoption without her knowledge, has sought the intervention of the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights for bringing the child back. The KSCCW has been directed by the Child Welfare Committee to bring the child back within five days from Andhra Pradesh where he is under foster care.

Anupama has said in her representation that the commission shall interfere to ensure that the child is brought to the State in a safe and child-friendly manner.

It is a matter of concern that the KSCCW, in the dock for illegally giving the baby in adoption, has been asked to bring the baby back to Kerala. Hence, the intervention of the commission is sought. The police and various child welfare agencies have failed to deliver justice in the case, she said.

However, those at the CWC say the KSCCW is duty-bound to bring the child back. The council had earlier submitted an undertaking to the CWC in this regard, they say.

DNA test

Meanwhile, the CWC has instructed the council to conduct paternity and maternity tests on the baby boy as demanded by Anupama and her partner B. Ajith Kumar. It is following the insistence of the petitioners that the CWC has decided to order both the tests. Usually, only maternity test need to be conducted in such cases, CWC sources say.

According to those who are associated with the couple, the plea for conducting the paternity test is raised as the name of the father is wrongly included in the birth records of the baby. Once the paternity is scientifically confirmed through the tests, the possibility of any false paternity claims in future can be avoided. Moreover, Anupama has complained that her father had abducted the baby which was fathered by her partner. In these circumstances, a paternity test is necessary for conforming the parenthood of the baby, they say.

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