Men posing as policemen dupe women of 18 sovereigns of jewellery

Two elderly women were duped of 18 sovereigns of jewellery by two men who posed as policemen here on Saturday.

The police said that Sarasu (66) and her sister Santhamani (64) of Pitchampalayam were cheated by two men on 60 Feet Road at Kumar Nagar in Tiruppur around 10 a.m. Two men, who came on a two-wheeler stopped near the women and introduced themselves as policemen.

They told the siblings that the area was notorious for chain-snatchers and asked them to keep the jewellery they were wearing in their bag.

The women removed their jewellery, 18 sovereigns in total, and handed over to the duo who offered to keep them safely inside the bag.

The men handed over the bag to the women and left the place on their two-wheeler.

The police said the women grew suspicious of the duo and checked the bag. They found that the wrap which the two men kept inside the bag did not have their jewellery.

The Tiruppur north police have launched an investigation based on a complaint.

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