Marriage registration via videoconferencing

COVID restrictions affect registration

The Kerala High Court has allowed a man working abroad to appear via videoconferencing to enable registration of his marriage as he could not come in person due to travel restrictions on account of COVID-19.

The court’s order came on the plea of his 28-year-old bride, who said her husband left for Canada, where he is working, right after their marriage in July 2019 under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. As a result, the couple could not appear before the Registrar of Marriages of their panchayat for registering their nuptials under the Registration of the Marriages Common Rules Kerala, 2008.

In view of the pandemic and the restrictions in travelling it is not possible for the husband of the petitioner to come back to India for the purpose of registration of marriage. The plea urged the court to direct the Registrar of Marriages to allow her husband to appear via videoconferencing for registering their marriage and to issue a certificate evidencing the same.

The High Court allowed the groom to appear via videoconferencing for registration of the marriage and directed the Registrar of Marriages to register the same and issue a certificate to the couple. “The certificate as above shall be issued within 10 days from today. The petitioner shall produce a copy of the judgment before the respondent (Registrar) for compliance ,” the court said.

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