MAA Elections: Naga Babu supports Prakash Raj

Mega brother Naga Babu has come in the support of Prakash Raj. We have already reported that MAA elections will take place on 10th October. Prakash Raj is in a direct fight with Mohan Babu’s son Vishnu Manchu for the post of MAA president.   Recently, Prakash Raj met the Election Officer at the MAA office and alleged that Manchu family was trying to win the election by exploiting the postal ballot system. Prakash Raj also claimed that this is damaging the  moral fabric  of the industry.  On the otherside, Manchu Vishnu  warned Prakash Raj and said don’t drag his family  into the matter.  Naga Babu is extending his support to Prakash Raj. During the media interaction, Naga Babu targeted Naresh who is supporting Manchu Vishnu.

Naga Babu said, “Naresh is my good friend. It is inappropriate for him to stir up unnecessary controversy by calling the press instead of convening an MAA meeting.”

He added, “Prakash Raj, who is an activist, is very close to my brother Chiranjeevi and anyone who is attached to brother, we consider the same. My brother said that Prakash Raj is a good person because he is a rare combination of humanity  and  knowledge. “

Naga Babu concluded it by saying that if he is supporting Prakash Raj, it does not mean that the entire mega family is supporting him. It is up to the people to decided everything as per their choice.”

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