Love affairs blooming inside Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is getting mixed responses by the TV lovers. While some of the episodes  of the reality show are super entertaining, whereas some episodes are turning average. This Monday, a total of 9 contestants were nominated for eviction. Almost all the participants  of Bigg Boss nominated themselves voluntarily but as per the reports of voting, the actress Karate Kalyani is in the danger zone.  The reality show Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is witnessing something close to a love triangle between Monal, Abhijeet and Akhil.

In one of the episode, Abhijeet opens up about his previous relationships to Monal and reveals that he was into two serious relationships. According to him, the last one was almost a romantic relationship. Monal is shocked by Abhijeet’ confession, also  she discloses that one guy changed her life big time and that’s her only love story.

When Abhijeet asks Monal to speak about her relationship status, to which she says it is ‘complicated’. Monal also reveals to him that Harika likes him  but Abhijeet cannot believe this.

In one of the episode, Monal told Akhil that she likes him and loves spending time with him. She also sits beside Abhijeet after Akhil fed her.

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