Live kidney transplant conducted at Tiruchi GH for the first time


A team of doctors had recently conducted a live renal transplant for the first time in the Tiruchi Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital. The surgery was conducted on a young man who was suffering from kidney failure.

According to a release from the hospital, the patient – S. Vaitheeshwaran from Nerunjalakudi near Lalgudi had visited the hospital four months ago. After identifying his kidney ailment, he was undergoing dialysis twice a week. On being informed of the possibility of a renal transplant, the man and his family members considered the option and expressed willingness.

The patient’s mother – Parvathi wished to donate her kidney to her son, following which an application was sent to the authorisation committee at the Directorate of Medical Education. Once approval was sought after the fitness of the donor was determined among other necessary procedures, the live transplant was conducted on November 25 under the guidance of Dean K. Vanitha, Medical Superintendent E. Arunraj.

The patient and the mother are healthy and recovering well, the release said, urging the public to take advantage of the facility available at the Tiruchi Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital for free.

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