Leaving Congress but not joining BJP: Amarinder Singh

Capt. Amarinder said he would leave the Congress as he had been “utterly humiliated”

Scotching speculation, former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Thursday made it clear that he was not joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but said he had no intention of continuing in the Congress, which he said was going downhill with senior leaders being completely ignored.

Capt. Amarinder said he would leave the Congress as he had been "utterly humiliated" and felt not trusted.

“I will resign…will not stay in the Congress party,” he said, adding that he was still thinking through his options in the interest of Punjab, whose security was of predominant priority for him.

Capt. Amarinder had resigned as Chief Minister on September 18 after accusing the Congress of humiliating him.

“I will not be treated in this humiliating manner…I will not take such insults,” he said, adding that his principles and beliefs do not allow him to stay in the Congress any longer.

Terming the senior Congressmen as thinkers who were critical about the future of the party, the former Chief Minister said the younger leadership should be promoted to implement the plans, which the senior leaders are best equipped to formulate.

"Unfortunately, the seniors were being completely sidelined," he said in a statement. Capt. Amarinder said this was not good for the party.

Slamming Navjot Singh Sidhu, Capt. Amarinder said he was a mere crowd-puller and does not know how to carry the team along.

Capt. Amarinder also condemned the attack on Kapil Sibal’s house by Congress workers only because Mr. Sibal had chosen to express views that were not palatable to the party leadership.

Expressing the hope that Punjab would vote for the future of the State, he said his experience showed that the people of the State tend to vote for a single party/force, irrespective of the number of parties in the fray.

Misgovernance in Punjab would give Pakistan an opportunity to create trouble in the State and in the country, he said, adding that his meeting with NSA Ajit Doval this morning centred around this issue.

Capt. Amarinder had raised security concerns with Home Minister Amit Shah too, along with the farmers’ issue, during his meeting with the latter on Wednesday.

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