Land issue puts spotlight on Left

CPI, CPI(M) organise separate agitations demanding land for landless workers

The land issue at Chinnakanal has once again turned the focus on political parties with the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) launching separate agitations for distribution of land to landless workers.

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), CPI(M)’s feeder organisation, is on a hunger stir in front of the village office at Chinnakanal demanding land for the landless estate workers. Leaders of the trade union said the agitation would be intensified ensuring participation of more workers. A committee in support of the agitation was formed on Wednesday.

Stir by workers

The CPI(M) came out with the open agitation after a piece of revenue land near Suryanelli was encroached upon by the landless estate workers.

A few organisations had also come out in support of the agitation of the workers, who had erected sheds there. The CPI(M)’s hunger agitation has been continuing for a week in front of the Chinnakanal village office.

Meanwhile, the schism between the parties was out in the open with the CPI demanding action against encroachments by the land mafia in Devikulam taluk. The land thus resumed should be distributed to the landless estate workers, it said.

While the CPI(M) is demanding that the landless workers should be distributed land, it is silent on the major encroachments by the land mafia.

The CPI on Wednesday organised an agitation in front of the Devikulam Subcolletor’s office demanding land for the landless workers and title deeds in Chinakanal village.

Resume land: CPI

Inaugurating the agitation, CPI district secretary K.K.Sivaraman said many resorts at Chinnakanal village had been built on encroached land.

Hundreds of acres of government land was in the hands of the land mafia, he said demanding steps to resume the land and distribute it among the landless. Mr. Sivaraman said those living at the Sinkukandam and Muthammal colonies should be issued title deeds.

The Subcollector on Monday submitted a report to the Revenue Minister that hundreds of acres of revenue land had been encroached upon by the land mafia, who resell it by forging documents with the support of a few village officials.

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