Land alloted for fire stations at Pullambadi, Thuvarankurichi


With allottment of land by the district administration, the Fire and Rescue Services Department is poised to get its own buildings for fire stations at Pullambadi and Thuvarankurichi

Nearly two acres of land each have been allotted at Pullambadi and Thuvarankurichi for construction of fire stations along with staff quarters. Communication in this regard has been sent from the district administration to the department here, senior officials said.

The Tiruchi Fire Division accounts for a total of nine fire stations: Tiruchi, Srirangam, Navalpattu, Lalgudi, Pullambadi, Samayapuram, Manapparai, Thuvarankurichi and Uppiliapuram. The fire stations at Tiruchi, Navalpattu, Manapparai, Lalgudi and Uppilliapuram function from their own buildings, while units at Thuvarankurichi and Samayapuram operate from rented structures. The fire station at Pullambadi function from a building belonging to the town panchayat.

According to a senior official, boundary markings have been done at Pullambadi on the site allotted for construction of the fire station. Funds will be sought from the State government for construction of the buildings to be undertaken by Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corporation.

The Tiruchi Fire Division received and attended to 185 fire calls and 482 rescue calls from January 1 to October 31.

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