KSSP demands withdrawal of reforms in Lakshadweep

‘Fundamental freedoms of people being violated’

The Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) has sought withdrawal of all new reforms announced by the Lakshadweep Administrator which do not sync with the cultural and geographical peculiarities of Lakshadweep and contravene provisions of the Indian Constitution.

The Administrator is duty-bound to act in accordance with the aspirations of the local population. But the present Administrator has set at rest precedents and has usurped powers that were enjoyed by the district panchayat, challenging the peaceful living of the islanders. Efforts are on to unilaterally impose laws that infringe on the fundamental freedoms of people, including on food, travel, and jobs. The move to divert cargo ships from the isles, which used to call at Beypore, to Mangaluru is an example. They are also at odds with India’s federal structure, said KSSP State president A.P. Muralidharan.

There is every reason to suspect that efforts are under way to cause division on the basis of religion, in order that corporates can gain control over the ecologically-fragile land in the isles. The developments in Kashmir point to such a possibility. The Lakshadweep Collector’s attempts to justify the Administrator’s actions is unjustifiable. The administration must in turn engage in a dialogue with the islanders and take ahead projects which are sustainable and in sync with the islanders’ aspirations, Parishad general secretary Radhan K. said.

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