Kerala society needs more enlightenment

‘Only LDF has the determination and sense of purpose to fight communalism’

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) by far has the determination and sense of purpose to fight the twin evils of fast spreading communalism and the unbridled powers enjoyed by multinational companies.

Talking to The Hindu at his residence here, Mr. Sanoo said the Congress was wallowing in casteism, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) left none in doubt about their communal agenda.

Mr. Sanoo lamented that the increasing communal hatred and religious consciousness undermined the progress made by the State through the Sree Narayana movement, while multinational companies were monopolising even thoughts. The biggest armour of freedom was the ability to think and the multinational companies were taking control of it through money power.

Guru’s influence

He said the BJP could not make much progress in the State so far because there lived a man here who spread the idea that the goodness of man was more important than his religion, though that idea had seen a set back of late.

“May be Kerala society is not so enlightened as it is made out to be. Take for instance the case of Emergency and how in the ensuing election the tormentors still won despite facing a campaign in which the clandestinely run torture centres and the extrajudicial killing of Rajan was exposed. Even then there were people, including writers, who justified the horrors of Emergency,” Mr. Sanoo said.

He said the increasing stock of superstition in society with more people falling for astrology and hand palmistry were beyond logical reasoning.

Mr. Sanoo, who successfully contested as a Left-backed Independent candidate from the Ernakulam Assembly constituency beating A.L. Jacob of the Congress by a handsome margin in 1987, felt that he may not have ventured into an election adventure had it been proposed in the current socio-political climate.

“Politics then was fought on ideals and was not communal. I could garner votes beyond religious and political affiliations. At a time when the LDF was accused of politicising everything from literature and culture, I felt it was my responsibility to give a cultural spin to politics,” said Mr. Sanoo who recollected how his campaign speeches were more about culture than about politics and how he never attacked anyone in those speeches.

He said that while casting vote is a democratic duty, equally important was to elect non-corrupt and efficient candidates capable of working logically and cohesively for the betterment of the nation and the constituency. The electorate should realise that their faith or religion should not be the basis for electing a candidate.

However, Mr. Sanoo was outright dismissive when asked whether E. Sreedharan, the former principal adviser of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation who on retirement had joined the BJP, qualified as a suitable candidate on account of his image as efficient and not corrupt.

“With all due respect to Mr. Sreedharan, one has to say that he would be better off restricting himself to his area of expertise and that his choice is not right,” he said while drawing on the allegory of how a man despite all his virtues would still be wrong and unacceptable if he were to back a barbaric custom such as Sathi.

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