Jurala gets sustained water inflows

By Thursday evening, over 7 tmc ft reached Jurala since June 1

Power generation commenced in the second unit of 6×39 megawatt Jurala hydro electric station from early on Thursday and the third unit was run for brief time as the sustained flood of over 16,500 cusecs continued throughout the day.

From 18,900 cusecs inflows recorded early in the day, the flood came down to 16,600 cusecs by 6 pm although rain in the immediate upstream catchment areas and release of water through the spillway at Narayanpur dam continued. By Thursday evening, over 7 tmc ft reached Jurala since June 1.

Release of water to various lift schemes and canal systems sourced on Jurala also continued on Thursday to maintain the water storage in the reservoir at a safe level below the full reservoir level. At 6 p.m., the storage of water in the reservoir was 9.52 tmc ft against the capacity of 9.66 tmc ft.

Similarly, discharge of water into the river course after power generation at Jurala, which was about 5,200 cusecs on Wednesday afternoon, went up to about 14,450 cusecs on Thursday afternoon but reduced to 12,300 cusecs by evening.

According to the flood monitoring officials, Almatti was receiving inflows in the measure of around 7,000 cusecs and Narayanpur was getting water being released from the spillway at Almatti due to some maintenance works. Similarly, water was also being released from Narayanpur dam spillway, also for doing some maintenance works. Tungabhadra dam was also getting inflows in small measure.

In the Godavari Basin, Singur was getting over 850 cusecs of inflows due rains in the immediate upstream catchment areas.

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