Jeevandhan resumes condolence programme for the bereaved

Lends moral support to grieving families, sensitises people

Officials of Jeevandan, the State government’s cadaver transplantation programme, have resumed condolence programmes for family members of organ donors.

When doctors declare a person as brain-dead, coordinators of Jeevandan counsel the grieving family members to donate organs of the patient so that others in need of an organ can get a new lease of life.

After donation, employees of the organ donation programme used to visit the home towns of the donor’s families, attend rituals held after death of the person where importance of the donation and procedure followed for it were explained.

The employees said that in a few cases, neighbours have misconceptions that the families did not donate but sold organs. The programme helps to clear such misconceptions. Besides, it often happens that a few volunteer to register their names as organ donors.

Eight-month gap

These condolence programmes were kept kept on hold due to the COVID-19 spread in the State. After nearly eight months, it was resumed at Jiyaguda where condolences were offered to bereaved family members of a 62-year-old man.

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