Interview: BJP Bengal Chief Dilip Ghosh

Talks to Sweety Kumari on the BJP’s significant performance in the state, its ideological battle and the political violence in Bengal in the poll run-up.

What do you think led to BJP’s big gains?

This didn’t happen overnight, we have been working for the last three years to strengthen our organisation at the ground level. Also an “anti-TMC” factor has worked in our favour.

Did polarisation of votes or Hindutva ideology work?

We were fighting an ideological battle in Bengal. TMC’s policy of Muslim appeasement was known to everyone. People of Bengal have been feeling insecure in such an environment.

Will this victory mean more political violence?

Many of our karyakartas have lost their lives and homes because of violence triggered by the TMC, we are prepared for the future too.

Is BJP eyeing TMC MLAs?

It is other way round. We are not eyeing them, they are in touch with BJP.

How are you feeling about your win?

I was always confident and had been telling people that I will win with a good margin.

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