Inter-State house burglary group convicted

Seven members of the inter-State house burglary group known as the Guman Gang were awarded three years’ rigorous imprisonment and fined ₹ 1,000 each by a local court.

According to the police, the convicted persons have been identified as Chowhan Thara Singh (30), Md Sonu (24), Bittu (25), Gufthan (20), Saif Ali (20), Saqiq (20) and Md Sajeed (45). While they hail from West Bengal, the convicted persons moved to Khidki village in Maharashtra.

Police said that over a period of two years they moved in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana, among other States, engaged is selling bed-sheets. Police also said that it was because they moved from place to place that they got to know these areas well. The convicted persons used to choose isolated colonies and recce them during the day, and late at night used to break open doors using boulders. They then looted houses, and threatened inmates. The used to wear only undergarments so as to go undetected.

The gang committed as many as eight house burglaries in Rachakonda police limits and Nizamabad district.

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