‘Infosys has set narrative for digital transformation’

‘In pole position to repeat FY21 act’

The proactive action taken by Infosys over the last three-and-a-half years has decisively enabled the company to set the narrative for the global digital transformation and consulting industry, said Nandan M. Nilekani, chairman, in a note to shareholders.

He said the new leadership (CEO Salil Parekh) was working ‘quietly’ and without a ‘fuss.’ “This has led to unprecedented transformational large deals.’’

The firm delivered an ‘industry-leading growth’ in fiscal 2021 and was in pole position for FY22 to repeat the performance. Infosys would continue to innovate and was well-placed to lead the industry in the coming years, he wrote in the latest annual report. Mr. Nilekani also said Infosys was investing in designing and developing the right solutions for accelerating digital transformation. He pointed out that the firm has ‘reinvented and modernised’ its digital infrastructure to create a safe work-from-home environment after the pandemic hit the world.

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