India now has infrastructure to treat 10 lakh Covid-19 patients: Report

The central government has prepared the infrastructure (dedicated hospitals) to treat 10 lakh coronavirus disease patients in the country, Hindustan Times’ Hindi language publication Hindustan reported. The milestone has been achieved in the two months of lockdown with the help of state governments.

These dedicated hospitals have wherewithal to treat about three lakh serious cases of Covid-19, Hindustan reported.

Niti Aayog member Dr VK Pal said that two months ago, when the pandemic broke out in the country, the country did not have a separate, dedicated hospital for the disease. “Today, 1,093 such hospitals exist in the country,” Dr Pal told Hindustan.

These hospitals have 1,85,306 beds out of this, 31,250 are for intensive care. The dedicated hospitals also have ventilators for acute cases. Similarly, there are 2,402 Covid-19 healthcare centres. Patients who are not in a serious condition, and do not require oxygen support are treated here.

The country also has 7,013 Covid-19 care centres which have around 6.5 lakh beds. These facilities are used to treat patients with mild symptoms, or to keep them in isolation to prevent the spread of the disease. Together, these three categories of healthcare facilities account for 9.74 lakh beds. And if Covid-19 facilities provided by the armed forces if added to it, the number reaches 10 lakh, Hindustan reported.

According to the Union health ministry, patients who need oxygen support, ventilator of treatment in ICU are less than five per cent. Out of the treat 95 per cent, only those patients who have co-morbidity need to be admitted to a hospital. Around 80 per cent of the patients need to be in isolation.

The ministry further said that the percentage of recovered patients will increase in the coming days. Today, 41 per cent patients have recovered and 59 per cent are active patients.

Though the government has relaxed lockdown in the fourth phase to revive the economy, the fear of the disease is still there. But the government has made it clear that lockdown can’t continue forever.

The government has said that Covid-19 is here to stay, and that we have to learn wo live with it.

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