IMA urges PM Modi to ensure doctors are allowed to work without fear

Professional body sends a letter to Prime Minister

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting his intervention to ensure that medical professionals are allowed to work without fear.

In its letter on Monday, the IMA said that the PM’s urgent intervention was required to stop the continuous and ongoing physical and mental assault on doctors as well as purposeful spread of misinformation against modern medicine and vaccination by certain people with vested interests.

“Any person(s) who spreads misinformation against the vaccination drive, which is meant to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, must be booked and punished in accordance with law including under the relevant provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, the Indian Penal Code and the Disaster Management Act, 2005,” said the association.

It added that any attempt of any person to fool the gullible public and promote so-called “magic remedies” or “wonder drugs” without the approval of the Health Ministry ought to be immediately curtailed.

The IMA, in its appeal, said that the government should promote universal free vaccination to all above 18 years of age without leaving the vaccines to the extent of 50% to the States and private hospitals.

“We believe that only when a strong leader like you leads this programme, the full benefit would reach out to all people,” it said.

The association noted that post-COVID-19 complications of lung fibrosis, increased thrombotic events and fungal infections were on the rise and that there was a need to get prepared for the same.

“The drugs needed for the mucormycosis fungal disease are not available with ease though the government is making all efforts. We appeal to you to set up a separate research cell to study these post COVID-19 complication in detail and to come out with multi-faceted treatment guidelines in all disciplines of medicine,” said the body.

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