I have an obligation to set the record straight, says CM

Narayanasamy counters viral video clip

After a video clip went viral of his inverted translation to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during his recent visit to Puducherry, Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy on Friday asserted that he was not lying when he said he had visited the area, and slammed the BJP for manufacturing false propaganda.

In the clip, when a fisherwoman complained that he had not turned up in the area when Cyclone Nivar passed through the region, Mr. Narayanasamy translates it as “she is saying that I visited the area and distributed relief material”.

Not a lie

“As the woman was speaking from afar I could not hear her properly. So, as someone who had been at the spot, I could tell Rahul Gandhi with conviction that I had visited the place in the aftermath of the cyclone. How can it be a lie?” he countered at a press conference.

Produces videos

He also produced videos of his visits to Sholai Nagar, where Mr. Gandhi interacted with fisherfolk, and also to the fishermen settlement in Vaithikuppam.

“As the BJP and those who left the Congress and joined the saffron party are engaging in deceit and spreading false propaganda, I have an obligation to set the record straight,” Mr. Narayanasamy said. “Ironically, it is those who never stepped out of their homes during the cyclone who are engaging in lies,” he said.

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