I am not in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu house for the Prize money

The physical task in the house, which is given by Bigg Boss has not gone well with many.  The TV lovers are witnessing a fight between contestants in every episode. Anchor  Ravi is trying to be the nice guy. The way Ravi is playing the mental games has not gone well with the likes of Vishwa, Lobo, and Srirama Chandra. In fact, Srirama Chandra directly asks Ravi in the task not to play mind games on him. Last night, the contestants participated in the captaincy task. In this task, the housemates were divided into two groups, Team Wolves and Team Eagle.  The latest episode started with the housemates continuing  Sagara Sodara task, the second level in the captaincy contender task.

The Team Wolves recorded a length of 33.3 metres whereas Eagles recorded a length of 33 metres.   The contestants Sanchalaks Maanas and Sri Rama Chandra calculated the lengths. When Swetha from team wolves fell down, Srirama Chandra said that wolves are disqualified whereas Maanas said that Swetha fell only after the game was over.

 Later  Bigg Boss canceled the task as Maanas and Sreerama Chandra couldn’t declare a winner. Anchor Ravi said to Sreerama Chandra that cancelation of a task meant their failure as contestants. Sreerama Chandra said, “I am not in the Bigg Boss house for the prize. I want the platform to belong to the ones who deserve it. Even if I win Rs 50 lakhs, I will throw them back the money.”

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