Huge job potential in rubber sector

One lakh people have to be trained every year to cater to the needs of jobs in Indian rubber MSME sector, according to the Indian Rubber Institute (IRI). As per the Government of India’s Automotive Mission Plan, by 2026, India will be the third largest automobile manufacturer globally. Nearly 12 per cent of the GDP will be from the automobile sector which will generate around 65 million jobs, said the IRI.

Citing the Rubber Skill Development Council, the IRI said in a note here on Thursday that one million trained and skilled manpower will be required in the Indian rubber MSME sector, including the organised tyre and non-tyre sectors. “This translates to one lakh people having to be trained every year. This is a gigantic task and it requires to create significant infrastructure for skill development and training in the country for rubber sector,” the IRI, which is setting up its skill development centre in Mysuru, observed.

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