Govt. aiming at self-sufficiency in milk, meat and egg production: Minister

Chinchu Rani inaugurates milk storage room of society

J. Chinchu Rani, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, said here on Monday that the government was aiming at achieving self-sufficiency in milk, meat, and egg production.

She was speaking after inaugurating the milk storage room of the Vorkady Dairy Co-operative Society in Kasaragod district on Monday.

The Minister said that with the availability of milk storage facilities, it would be possible to produce more milk products, thereby creating more employment opportunities.

“We have come a long way in the dairy sector and have reached self-sufficiency,” she said.

Ms. Chinchu Rani said that in Kerala, the Malabar region was the largest producer of milk.

With the opening of a milk powder manufacturing unit in Malappuram, the surplus milk produced in the State could be converted into products.

The government attached great importance to the control of livestock diseases and efforts were underway to open mobile veterinary clinics.

Veterinarians’ service

Arrangements were being made to make the services of veterinarians available at all blocks even at night, the Minister said.

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