Goondas Act against those selling Remdesivir, oxygen cylinders at higher prices, says TN CM

CM M.K. Stalin said this was a serious offence during the pandemic

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Saturday said those hoarding and selling Remdesivir (a drug used in COVID-19 treatment) and oxygen cylinders at higher prices would be detained under the Goondas Act.

“Some anti-social elements are hoarding Remdesivir and selling it at a higher price in the black market,” Mr. Stalin said in a statement and also cited reports about oxygen cylinders being sold at a higher rates. “It is a serious offence to be involved in, especially during the pandemic,” he underlined.

At a time when the poor and the downtrodden are taking the bitter pill to cooperate with the State government, some anti-social elements were involved in hoarding Remdesivir and over-pricing oxygen cylinders, he said.

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