‘Give dealers details of cardholders keen on doorstep delivery’

HC asks govt. to issue communication

The Delhi High Court has directed the AAP government to issue communications to all the fair price shop dealers here, informing them of the particulars of ration cardholders who have opted for doorstep delivery.

“The Delhi government shall first issue communication to each of the fair price shop holders, informing them of the particulars of the ration cardholders who have opted to receive their rations at their doorstep and, only thereafter, the rations, to the extent that they are being supplied to such beneficiaries, need not be supplied to the fair price shop holders,” a Bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh said.

The Delhi government scheme for door-to-door delivery of ration — Mukhymantri Ghar Ghar Ration Yojana — was challenged by the Delhi Sarkari Ration Dealers Sangh. On March 22 this year, the High Court had directed the city government not to stop or curtail the supply of foodgrains to the members of the ration dealers’ association.

‘Scheme not stayed’

The Delhi government’s counsel submitted that the court had not stayed the implementation of the scheme for door-to-door delivery of foodgrains or flour.

The counsel said the court had only passed an interim order of protection in favour of the association as it was pointed out that on March 8, the Delhi government had issued an e-mail communication stating that the supplies to be made to the existing PDS distributors was to be stopped, so that foodgrains could be distributed door to door by another agency.

The Delhi government said an “overwhelming majority” of cardholders had opted for the supply of rations at their doorstep, following a survey undertaken by it.

The High Court also took on record the Delhi government counsel’s statement that beneficiaries under the PDS scheme, who opt for delivery of rations at their doorstep, would have the option to once again opt out and go back to the fair price shops.

The court asked the Delhi government to publicise the essential terms and conditions of this order for the benefit of the beneficiaries under the PDS scheme. The court listed the matter for further hearing on October 27.

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