Get tested upon noticing symptoms, says Deputy Commissioner

‘If people cooperate and undergo early treatment, the situation could be saved’

Udupi Deputy Commissioner G. Jagadeesha on Tuesday urged people to immediately get tested for COVID-19 upon noticing symptoms. One should not drag till the condition worsens requiring treatment in intensive care units, he said.

ICU beds in the district are full and the situation is worsening as days pass with increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients, he said in a pre recorded video message. Despite asking people to get tested immediately after noticing symptoms, many remain home and approach hospitals in a serious condition thereby increasing the burden on the administration.

If people get themselves tested and undergo treatment, if found positive for COVID-19, the situation could be saved, he said.

Mr. Jagadeesha also urged people not to entertain people from outside in their houses. Even if their close relatives visit them, they should maintain safe distance from them, he suggested.


In a press release, Mr. Jagadeesha said that 947 eligible persons due for second dose of Covishield vaccine will be administered the vaccine on priority basis as there is not enough stock in the district. ASHAs and healthcare personnel will call such people and take steps for administering the vaccine. Those who have got Covishield vaccine eight weeks before may call ASHAs to get the second dose, he said.

Covaxin is not immediately available in the district, he said and added that as and when the State gets supply of the vaccine, healthcare workers will administer it on priority basis to those who have got it six weeks before.

In the coming days, steps will be taken to administer the second dose of vaccine on priority basis to those who have already got the first dose. Healthcare workers will arrange for vaccination of the first dose as and when enough supply of vaccine is available in the district. Till then, those intending to get the first dose need not visit hospitals, Mr. Jagadeesha suggested.

The vaccination drive for those aged between 18 and 45 will start soon after the government supplies the required number of doses. The beneficiaries have to register online for the purpose, be it in government facility or private hospitals, he added.

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