Four new MI tanks sanctioned to Narayankhed

The State government has given administrative approval for the formation of four new minor irrigation tanks across local streams in Irakpally East, Irakpally, Morgi, Wadgaon Thanda-Sukalteerth villages in Narayankhed Assembly constituency with a cost of ₹37.39 crore.

According to the orders issued by the Irrigation Department on Thursday, the irrigation potential of the four tanks would be 1,150 acres with a maximum of 400 acres under Morgi-Kothacheruvu tank followed by 300 acres under Wadgaon Thanda tank, 250 acres under Irakpally East tank and 200 acres under Irakpally tank.

Except the Wadgaon Thanda tank, which falls in Kangti mandal, other three tanks jointly fall under Manoor and Nagalgidda mandals.

The estimated cost of Wadgaon Thanda tank is over ₹14.47 crore, Irakpally East tank is ₹9.99 crore, Irakpally tank is nearly 6.75 crore and Morgi tank is nearly 6.18 crore. Special Chief Secretary (Irrigation) Rajat Kumar directed Chief Engineer (I) Sangareddy to obtain designs and drawings from the competent authority before giving technical sanction.

The CE would also be responsible for correctness of quantities, data and provisions made in the estimates before giving technical sanction.

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